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How to remove Canon Printer Error Code 5100?

The Canon 5100 Printer Error Code indicates that there is a problem with the ink carriage. Usually something is currently hammered into the cartridge carriage. So error 5100 is related to carriage error. In general, it can be solved using service mode and cleaning the printer heads when it has a blockage. So if you are facing exactly the same problem with your Canon printer, you don’t need to worry about it. Here, the blog will guide very easy steps to exterminate this error code. In case the above guidelines are not effective for you, you can simply get reliable and trustworthy Canon support by sitting at home. Doing so will be a useful remedy.

Canon Printer Error 5100

Error message: LED light blinks twice (2xs) and displays: “Error 5100 An error occurred in the carriage encoder signal.”

Let’s go down the troubleshooting path and look at probable solutions and how to reset Canon 5100 error code. The first thing to do with a printer error of any kind is to try to reset the Canon MP printer. Occasionally, an error code is a cross signal between the Canon inkjet printer and the computer. Restarting the Canon Pixma printer could fix the problem without further problems.

Clear debris from carriage head to eliminate canon 5100 error

Open the Canon printer and take a close look at any debris, such as small pieces of paper or dirt inside. If such debris is found, remove it, plug the Canon Pixma back in and see if the error code has been cleared.

Lubricate the drain plug

If the Canon printer is excessively dirty or dusty, you can use a damp, lint-free paper towel to gently clean the Canon printer. Once the device has been cleaned, plug it back in and see if error 5100 has cleared. If cleaning and clearing the device doesn’t work, then you may need to lubricate the bleed cap. The bleed cap is the sliding mechanism on which the printer head is parked when not in use. To lubricate it, you will need to remove the right panel from the device. Once the panel is removed, rub some white grease along the sliders, being careful not to put grease on the small cleaners or black caps. Once this is done, replace the panel, plug the device back in and see if error 5100 is cleared.

jammed paper

Odds are higher than a piece of paper has been nested like a rat in a haystack. The solution is to remove all the ink cartridges and hit them with compressed air or any other filtered air blower.

Set up the ink cartridges correctly

Less likely, and still possible, is that your ink cartridges need to be relocated. If you follow the previous step, after cleaning, you will replace the cartridges anyway.

Clean the timing film

The timing film is a thin piece of plastic that runs through the width of the device under the drive belt. It has fine vertical lines along with it, and if it gets dirty your printer will display a 5100 error message. To clean, use a damp, lint-free paper towel and wipe gently. Once the strip has been cleaned, plug the device back in and see if the error message has been cleared.
6. Damaged Printer Driver Results in Canon Error Code 5100
If you’ve been through all of this and still don’t have joy, find the latest and greatest print driver and reinstall it. Printer driver corruption, while low on the odds list, can be quite annoying.

How To Reset Canon 5100 Error

  • Turn off the printer
  • Unplug the printer’s power cord.
  • Press and hold the power button and reset the power (a strip with a switch makes it simpler *). Depending on your firmware, you may need to press and hold the resume button simultaneously. You may get a buzzing sound.
    While continuing to press the power button, press the resume button twice, in short bursts.
  • Release the power button.
  • Again, depending on the firmware, you may have to press the resume button three more times and then the power button once. If you had a single buzz before, you should get one again, indicating that you have exited firmware programming. The printer will turn off.

Plan B to reset Canon 5100 on Canon machines

There is a plan B, however, it is at your own risk. Some ingenious Russian engineers have encoded the downloadable Canon Printer Resetters. The software can create test patterns, cleaning, EEPROM downloads. Cleaning of waste counters and much more. And in these malware days, I think more than twice before downloading free software from sources I don’t completely trust.
If all of the above steps do not clear your printer from error 5100, the logic board assembly or carriage motor may have been damaged. If this is the case, you will need to send the unit in to repair or replace the machine.



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